Here be swearing.

15 05 2009

Those unbelieveable FUCKS.

Apparently, one of their senior medical officers took issue with some backpain I had in August, and completely ignoring the part in my records about how it was resolved and no longer causes me problems, has fucking well stonewalled my application. The kicker? [i]She’s on leave for a month[/i]. By the time I’ve pushed through an appeal against this sodding decision, I’ll have missed the window for the next round of Basic. Argh.

I wouldn’t be so pissed if they hadn’t already told me my background had checked out. God fucking dammit.


I has a Twitter.

3 05 2009

All the inane single sentence stuff I have in mind will be posted at

More substantial stuff will be posted here, thus ruling out the vast majority of my life’s work.

Good lord I’m in.

29 04 2009

Been nudged into the next batch of recruits – army interview is going to take place in the next couple of weeks according to the gruff chap on the phone.


I have short hair. wtf.

24 04 2009

Didn’t get it shaved exactly, but the loss of my hair did provoke the three hairdresser ladies into having a dispute on who would get the honours of slicing off my ponytail.

I was half-tempted to bring it home as a souvenir.

I need a better title system.

20 04 2009


Hoover’s packed in, so my house is beginning to get clogged with dust. Note to self: fix as soon as humanly possible, because I do not want to live in a home where the floor crunches beneath my feet. Also, second note to self: figure out htf to remove dust filters from my Coolermaster PC case. Motherfarkers seem stuck right in.

Still no letter about my army entrance exam. Boo. On the bright side, by hilarious coincidence I found myself in the company of a serviceman during a lengthy train journey and was able to squeeze a billion bits of information from him regarding the forces, basic training and so forth. That has nudged me from being cautiously optimistic to cautiously excited about the whole ordeal. I’m not expecting a smooth ride, but all the same this definitely feels like the best direction for me. Unfortunately I think I’m starting to cause a rift in the family over this. Greh.

Although on a completely unrelated note, I’ve spent all of today doing nothing but following threads on the SomethingAwful forum regarding breasts and the perfect formation thereof. As you can probably tell, today has been exceedingly dull and unproductive for me. On the bright side, come wednesday my mining barge in EvE will be ready and I shall lol the living hell out of space rocks.

Holy crap I’m a Goon.

8 04 2009

I think so. Technically. Maybe. Not sure signing up to the SomethingAwful forum is enough to grant Goon status in and out itself. Still, I am nonetheless terrified because within seconds I had made an arse of myself by using a brand new account to ask about the Goon Swarm EvE corporation. Whoops.

Note to self: only make such enquiries when you’ve broken out of your anonymous newbie status.

MMOs cancelled.

7 04 2009

Whoop whoop. Realised I had a slight problem on discovering I had FIVE seperate games active. Christ on a crutch.

On advice from Zortel, I’ve cancelled them all and digged out a few old singleplayer games. I’ll worry about focussing on an MMO when I figure out which one I want to spend more than five minutes in.

/edit – Holy crap, spend five minutes in LOTRO to finish something for the evening and spend two hours helping a newbie. AN INTERESTING SIGN.